In spiritual direction, together we access the interior depth dimensions of self and read the grammar of the soul and the syntax of the Spirit.

Spiritual direction is an intentional space for tending to what is deepest in you: your yearnings, your fears, your hopes...your life. It is a time set aside for paying attention to your innermost being and the divine.


Spiritual direction is “spiritual” because it deals with the deep stuff of life, of you and your story, of heartache and wounds, of beauty and blessing--and where the divine is found in the midst of it all. It is “direction” because together we direct attention to what really matters, tending to the inner world, to the true self, the place where your spirit and the Spirit merge.​



I think of spiritual direction as a process centered on finding your way home.

Regardless of your religious tradition, spiritual direction can provide a shelter safe for diving into the interior life.

Sometimes, a client wants to explore the nuances of their spiritual path, or their sense of disconnection from God, or an important life decision they are discerning. So depending on what your desires are, we may go in any number of different directions.


I approach spiritual direction from an open, non-directive stance known as the evocative method. The foundation of my approach is deep, attuned listening while also drawing from neuroscience research, trauma theory, somatic approaches, depth psychology, Ignatian spirituality, 

interpersonal neurobiology, and the Enneagram.

  • I offer attentive, deep listening in order to help you discern and follow your spiritual path

  • I ask insightful, open-ended questions that help you connect with your true, authentic self (or soul)

  • I allow space for stillness and silence to help you become aware of what is alive within you

  • I act as a guide, accompanying you on your journey of faith, whether you are in a period of deconstruction, reconstruction, in a phase of growth or contraction, walking through a dark night of the soul, or something else altogether


I​​ am certified from Hesychia School of Spiritual Direction and have been practicing for six years. I also have a master's degree in theology with extensive graduate level coursework related to spiritual direction and formation. My master's level training in counseling psychology also informs my approach to the sacred work of spiritual direction.

Investment: $100 (sessions are one hour via Zoom)



"Ryan has been a wonderful resource as I've processed major transitions. He has done an amazing job of facilitating self-discovery, acceptance, and validation. He's very insightful and knowledgeable and I've enjoyed the spiritual practices and psychological research he has taught me, which I am applying to my own understanding of myself and my place in the world."


"Ryan is a deeply attuned listener who has helped me process pain and trauma. He is a true healer."


"My work with Ryan has been extremely helpful for my inner growth and healing. He is very knowledgeable and perceptive and has provided me with powerful insights that have proven to be key for my development. I highly recommend working with Ryan."