Since I only have a second to introduce myself, I'll dive right

in and save you the fluff. I'm a trauma survivor who has

navigated the debilitating terrain of PTSD, major depression, OCD, and anxiety disorder.


I'm dedicated to the contemplative way. Both the dark night of the soul and experiences of the intoxicating ecstasy of divine union have been close companions of mine for the past 20 years. During that same two decade period, I've been exploring the intersections and entanglements between mental health, spirituality, neurobiology, and theology.

The deep dives I've taken into the dark particularities of

my own story and the debilitating mental and emotional

challenges I've navigated have invited me to use my pain to facilitate healing for others. This is what I do as a writer, trauma-informed spiritual director & licensed counselor.

I believe the crux of the human journey has to do with

being shattered into wholeness. 

I guide people into reintegrating the traumatized

parts of themselves so they can begin restorying their lives and reimagining their sacred role in the world.

I believe that resurrection and rebirth are happening within us, all around us, and through us, and that love is stronger than death. 

I have far more questions than I do answers, which means

I seek to live the questions more than try to search for

answers. But I am certain of at least one thing: you are a

living story, and your life is one of the greatest stories ever


A bit about my background:


My first career was in international relief, development and mission, which took me to live in fifteen cities on five continents. I have a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (Grand Rapids Theological Seminary), a MA

in Theology & Culture (The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology), a Post-Graduate Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine) and a BS from University of Vermont.

I'm a surfer and waterman, currently living landlocked in

Holland, MI with my wife Katie and our triplets, Kirby Sitka,

Fin Eckhart, and Kailani Sophia.



Image by Sebastian Pichler