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My hope is that through this book, my voice and experience might be a tiny ember in the fire that is casting a glow into a more expansive future where wholeness, shalom, and abundant life are more real for more people in more places.

From the Inside Out is being used by lay people, missional leaders, and pastors. It's also used by professors in the classroom teaching master's and doctoral students, but it isn't a dense academic tome. It's accessible and is grounded in my own experience living with the marginalized around the globe. 

From the back cover:


In this groundbreaking book, Ryan Kuja vividly examines the world of Christian mission as few have seen it. With a beautiful balance of storytelling and theological reflection birthed from his own painful and powerful experiences on and off the field--from rural villages in South Sudan to major cities across Asia, Africa, and Latin America--Ryan guides us into global mission's past and present, revealing where the light and hope lie, helping recover a missional future that will usher us into a new era. This is mission reimagined for a world recreated...from the inside out.


What Others are Saying


Romal Tune, thought leader, author, speaker,
social entrepreneur, author of Love is an Inside Job

In these pages, Ryan courageously talks about the power of story and the grace of redemption. This book gives me hope for the future of missions both locally and globally and is a teaching tool for a new way forward. It will take you on a journey of self-discovery that is convicting, inspiring and ultimately redemptive.


Chuck DeGroat, Professor of Pastoral Care & Christian Spirituality, author of When Narcissism Comes to Church

I cannot think of a book that has stimulated me more on multiple levels - biblical, theological, autobiographical, cultural, missional, psychological, sociological, neurobiological, formational, justice - than From the Inside Out. It's rare when a writer can seamlessly weave so many conversations together while remaining in tune with his own inner conversation. I will treasure it, assign it, recommend it, read it again and again...and remember with gratitude the gift of reading it the very first time.


Craig Greenfield, author of Subversive Jesus and founder of Alongsiders International

In this compelling book, Kuja challenges the exploitative roots of McMission and calls us to something deeper.He never gives up on mission but invites us into a posture that will be more sustainable, more holistic and ultimately more transformative. Read it and with an open mind and heart and you will be challenged.

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